Study Interior Design in Turkey: A Successful Career

The field of interior design in Turkey is one of the fields of luxury that is receiving more and more attention. The reason is quite apparent. This field is a feature of all developing countries. The arts of interior design and architecture are of great importance in European countries. If you study interior design in Turkey, you will have a unique career and education. That is why if you look at the list of major universities in Turkey, you will see the field of interior design.

Study Interior Design in Turkey:

As mentioned above, studying interior design in Turkey is offered in many universities in this country. You can choose between public and private universities. In some of these universities, the language of instruction is Turkish, and in most private universities, the language of instruction is English. Tuition fees for interior design in Turkey are higher in English than in Turkish. All three bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in Turkish and English interior design are offered. You can find all three degrees in the top universities in Turkey shows the importance and high quality of this field in Turkey. That is why this European-Asian country has become one of the most crucial study destinations for interior design in the world. In the undergraduate course, students will be acquainted with this field’s theoretical and practical knowledge and software in a 4-year course. They will learn the necessary and basic skills. The undergraduate course in interior design focuses on design principles, color theory, drawing, and design software.

But studying interior design in Turkey at the master’s and doctoral levels is more popular. Because one of the major trends in architecture is interior design and many students choose this field. For this reason, there are many competitions for admission to this field in Turkish universities.

Master of Interior Design in Turkey

It is a 2-year course in which students increase their knowledge of 3D design and visualization. New and up-to-date skills are offered to interior design students in Turkey in this course, so this course is called the transition to becoming a professional interior designer. Having a master’s degree in interior design will give you more job opportunities and more income. That is why most interested in this field continue their education up to a master’s degree. The difference between a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree is that the research phase is added to your education. This phase will change the way you look at things and look at things more logically and better. Among the courses offered in the Master of Interior Design course are the following:

  • Advanced constructions
  • Temporary structures
  • Cable structures
  • Pneumatic instruments
  • Advanced design with computer
  • Communication and graphic signs
  • Create still and graphic images
  • Animation
  • Marking system
  • Aesthetic theory
  • The connection between spaces
  • The relationship between tradition and aesthetics
  • Graphics

Ph.D. in Interior Design in Turkey

Those pursuing a Ph.D. in Interior Design in Turkey will become the most influential people in the field. Being an expert in the field of interior design in Turkey means a perfect and first-class future. In this period, the techniques and principles of the interior design of different spaces are integrated with science. Suppose you are starting and have decided to become a university professor in interior design or have large companies under your supervision. In that case, it is better to continue your studies until the end of your doctoral course. Topics offered in Ph.D. in Interior Design in Turkey include Art and Design, Design Methods, Research Methods, Communication Design, Housing and Sustainability, Facility Management and Design, Interior Design Systems, Fundamentals of Philosophy and Housing Design, and more.

Interior Design Universities in Turkey

Do you know which universities in Turkey have offered interior design? Here is a list of some of the most famous Turkish universities in different cities.

The top five universities in Turkey to study interior design are as follows:

Interior design job market in Turkey

The job market for interior design in Turkey is excellent. You won’t be unemployed unless you can’t process and work with design software, which is impossible!. At the end of your studies, you can start working in architecture and interior design offices. In addition, you can have your own interior design office. Places where you can work in your future career, include public and private organizations, large and small design companies, architectural and interior design agencies. Job Titles as an interior designer could be Interior Designer, Design Consultant, and Exhibition Designer, etc. You will be associated with other disciplines, including architects, industrial designers, and graphic designers.

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