Turkey had introduced new rule for transportation as part of the normalization process. According to the latest Ministry of Health announcement, it is compulsory to get a HES code when purchasing tickets between cities (Buses, IDO, Train or any other transportation).  The new introduced rules will help in reducing the risk of Corona during your travel. Be safe and apply for HES code!


There are two ways to get the HES code, either by SMS or by  Hayat Eve Sigar app.

To get HES Code Through SMS, write the following massage to the number 2023

HES (space) * Nationality code (space) passport number (space) birth year (space) surname

For example: HES JO 1111111 1970 SAADEH


To get HES Code through Hayat Eve Sigar Mobile App, do the following:

  • Download the app to your smartphone from AppStore or Google Play.
  • Click on HES Code on the main screen. Choose the Add New Code button at the bottom of the screen

*You can get the HES code through the application for yourself only


*Nationality code could be taken from the below link: itkib.org