Why Turkey is favorite destination for international students

Study in Turkey

Turkey is bridging East and West, linking Asia and Europe and close to Africa and recently becoming an emerging world hub for international students. Turkey becomes one of the best ten destinations for international students globally, with 185000 students studying in Turkey. Supported by being one of the fast-growing economies in the last decade as GDP increased from 200 Billion USD to 754 Billion USD in the last 20 years to become economy number 19 in the world as per World Bank records.

Turkey’s government, Council of Higher Educations (YOK), and Universities took many steps towards encouraging international students to study in Turkey. One of those steps in 2010 was revoking the central placement exam for admission to Turkey Universities and vesting each University to determine its admission criteria. This change gave the international student the chance to choose the University out of 207 universities and select the required program from around 6000 different programs.

Why study in Turkey?

1.    Affordable fees and living costs. Why should I pay more for the same study quality?

One of the most reason given by the international students why they chose Turkey, it is affordable when comparing the cost of higher education in Europe, the United States of America, Australia, and Canada for international students with Turkey, at the same time student are not compromising the quality of education, Many Turkish universities have an internationally excellent reputation.

2.    Bologna process and modern high education standards.

In 2002 Turkey joined the Bologna Agreement, which was signed in 1999 for the first time between 29 European countries to improve European universities’ academic level ( nowadays, there are 47 countries as a member of the Bologna Agreement ). Being a bologna member, universities that award a degree to their students in any treaty countries are approved in all treaty countries. After graduating, he can continue studying or working in European countries with his degree.

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3.    Modern facilities and campuses.

Universities buildings in Turkey, either modern or historical, are equipped with all the needed facilities to provide students with the appropriate atmosphere to study. It has a food court, restaurants, and coffee shops ( Starbucks, dunya kahvesi , and many others). Besides, they have libraries 7/24, information point Students’ Union, Career Service, Banks, Wellbeing and Disability Services, Sport, fitness and health, and many other social clubs.

4.    Scholarships.

Turkish government grants more than 4000 scholarships for students worldwide yearly, in different Turkish Universities covering many different programs. Other scholarships granted by institutes and non-governmental organizations help in creating a multi-international culture environment for international students. Many private universities provide partial scholarships based on the grades of the student at the admission stage.

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5.    Student mobility.

With around 105 countries who either need a visa on arrival, e visa or without visa makes international students’ mobility easier than USA, Canada, EU, UK, and Australia.

6.    Location

Bridging two content, and close to Africa, allocate Turkey in the middle of the world. Turkey cities are reachable with less than 4-hour flight from many countries from east and west north and south. Syria, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Germany, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, Bulgaria, Palestine, Greece, and china have 75% of international students. Turkey hosts students from 198 countries.

7.    History

Many describe Turkey as an open-air museum since Turkey hosted great Empires in the last 3000 years like Hellenistic Anatolia, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Othman empires. You can see, smell and touch the history of those empires in the streets more than in the museums, and you can visit many historical cities around Turkey.

8.    Nice Weather

Turkey is a four-season country, and still, you can live more than one season on the same day in April and may where you can enjoy the summer high temp in south cost and enjoy the snow in Eastern Anatolia and South-Eastern Anatolia. Turkey weather makes Turkey one of the year-round destinations for travelers,

9.    Hospitality, Food, touristic and multi-cultural environment

The Turkish people’s hospitality has been legendary around the world! As a student, people will do their utmost to help you with all sincerity and friendliness when you ask for help. The Turks welcome you as friends, and they do a vast amount to please you. Bet you’re not going to leave your house here! Turkey is one of the most tourist destinations around the world with a multi-culture environment. Turkish Menu is of the tastiest unbelievable cuisine worldwide derived from the ancient empires when it comes to food.

10.    Nature

Natural beauty is one of the main reasons why you should continue your education in Turkey. Turkey is a country of four seasons and is famous for its natural beauty all across the world. In the seas around Turkey, you can enjoy swimming and water sports, ski-in many mountainous areas, enjoy boating along the rivers, and experience many other exciting sports. You’re going to feel like in Turkey’s paradise where endless beauties fascinate you with their scenery!

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What are the cities in Turkey where I can study? 

Universities in Turkey are located around most of Turkey’s cities ( 81 cities). However, Istanbul has more than 25% of Turkish universities, 56, Ankara has 20, Izmir has 9, Konya has five, and the remaining around 110 universities are distributed in 77 cities. You can simply pick the University the city from the website.

Are the universities public or private? 

Private universities in Turkey are new, where the oldest is Bilkent University, established in 1984. since then, another 71 private universities had been established in Turkey. Many of them have an excellent international reputation, along with 126 Government universities. Turkey has an excellent higher education institution with old universities. The oldest is Istanbul University, which was founded in 1453.

Do I need English proficiency exams? 

The teaching language in for some Turkish universities ( most are private ) is the English language, where Turkish is also the teaching language in many Universities ( most of them are Government Universities )

For English, you need to have Tofel else you will be requested to sit for the proficiency exam at the University,

for the teaching language as Turkish, you will need to have a Turkish prep school for one year.

What programs can I enroll in? 

  • Turkish Universities have more than 6000 programs in the universities; students can choose from
  • Medicine & Health
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Journalism & Media
  • Social Sciences
  • Arts, Design & Architecture
  • Education & Training
  • Computer Science & IT
  • Business & Management
  • Humanities
  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics
  • Applied Sciences & Professions
  • Hospitality, Leisure & Sports
  • Law
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences

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