What is YOS Exam?

The YÖS exam is the entrance examination for international students at the Turkish Stat universities. 

YOS stands for Yabancı Uyruklu Öğrenci Sınavı 

Taking YOS exam will give the students a better chance to study subjects such as Medicine, Law, Psychology, Pharmacy, Mechanical engineering, Architecture, and more in Stat universities in Turkey.

Where you can Take YOS Exam

Each university determines the place for the YÖS exam, and it is usually on the campus or the place announced by the university.
The student must personally come to the campus to attend this exam
The fees of this test vary from one university to another and usually paid by bank transfer to the university’s account.

Does YOS exam need preparation?

Yes, Yös exam needs preparation due to its importance.
To make it easier for the students, the MEDU has a plan to contracted with teachers and some institutes with experience in teaching YOS and preparing the students for this exam.
Also, we will prepare a series of educational videos as well.

When you can register for YOS Exam?

Registration for the YÖS test is available from February or March until June from every year, and the test date for each university can be known through its official website, as the university sets the date for the test, the student must abide by the appointment Specified.

Does every university recognize the YOS exam presented at another university?

Each university has its YOS exam separately; That’s why the recognition of the results among Turkish universities is a problem. Some universities recognize it from other universities. Whereas, universities with a high demand for students, especially in both Istanbul and Ankara, are satisfied with recognizing only their tests and rejecting any test related to another university.
In all cases, the priority for admission for the student who has passed the test at the same university in which he is applying. Therefore, many students prefer to registering for more than one exam for more than one university in order to increase their chances of obtaining a high score and obtaining a high preference rate.

Private universities often accept the SAT, IB, IGCS, or other international exam results that are acceptable and do not require the YOS.

Calendar for YOS exam

It will be announced later in 2021

Application procedures

MEDU will help students in the registration process for the exam and explains how to register for it via email for all students who aim to register for the exam through MEDU.

MEDU takes great care that the interested student has entered the correct information. The student must enter the identity data in the application form, as well as his passport data, without modification or abbreviation.

The student applying for the test must enter his / her own e-mail which is required of him in the electronic application form, and this mail must be his private mail. The student is prohibited from using more than one e-mail, and he is prohibited from taking any procedures or making any correspondence with other students. Test takers.

The applicant’s e-mail will be used as his username, during the account login process

Of the application procedure.

The documents required to be prepared by the student will be sent in sufficient time before the examination date to all students wanted to register through MEDU.

Conditions for submission

Students with a high school diploma or final grade students at the secondary stage are entitled to apply for the test, subject to the following conditions for applicants:

The applicant must be a holder of foreign nationality and not a Turkish Nationality

For applicants of Turkish origin who obtained a permit from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to renounce Turkish citizenship; They must present documents proving their eligibility and the entitlement of their children who are not adults and who are registered in the exit permit for Turkish citizenship in all the rights guaranteed by law to them. As, “according to the first clause of Article Seven of Law No. 5901 The children born to a Turkish father or mother through marriage to a foreigner are entitled to acquire Turkish citizenship, but applicants for university seats allocated to foreigners who are covered by this clause must be familiar with the Turkish Nationality Law.

What it is YÖS Exam about?

YÖS Exam is consists of two parts, the Basic Learning Skills part Test and the Turkish part Test. While the Basic Learning Skills Test is related to mathematics, geometry, and symbolic expression.

The Turkish language test part is optionally answered.

Test of Basic Learning Skills is composed of 80% math questions, 

This test has very little language basis, together with this the questions have some universities include the translation of the questions in the Turkish language to Arabic, Russian, Dutch and English languages and more it depends on the university

The duration of the Test of Basic Learning Skills is from 130 minutes to 140 minutes.

Exam subjects

The exam is mainly a mathematics exam, but some universities add chemistry and physics questions, but this should be announced in advance.

Mathematics Algebra


  1. 1. The four arithmetic operations in natural numbers
  2. The four arithmetic operations in decimal numbers
  3. Exponential numbers

4- Roots of Numbers


  1. 1. Find the rate
  2. Calculate the value

Divide on factorials

  1. Simplification
  2. Calculate the value

Unknown equations one

  1. Find the desired in the equation

Systems of equations

Divide on factorials

  1. Simplification
  2. Calculate the value

Equations of one Unknown

  1. Find the desired in the equation

Equations System

  1. Systems of unknowns of the first order
  2. Systems of three unknowns of the first degree


  1. Problems that can be solved by logic
  2. Ratio matters
  3. Age matters
  4. Numerical Problems

Practical questions

Such as 1. xoy = 2x + 5y


  1. Find the intersection and convergence
  2. Calculate the number of items

Exponential equations

  1. Find the remainder in the division
  2. Calculate the value


  1. Concerning the outcome
  2. Find the value from the graph
  3. Function equation
  4. Reverse Continued

Complex numbers

  1. The four arithmetic operations
  2. Find the unknown in the equation


  1. Simplification


  1. Find anonymous from its kind
  2. Calculate the logarithmic value
  3. Logarithmic equation



  1. The area of ​​a circle

The ring / circle

  1. The length of the circle
  2. An angle in a circle

The triangle

  1. The length in a triangle
  2. Bisector of the angle in a triangle
  3. The radius of a triangle
  4. Area of ​​a triangle
  5. The angle in the triangle
  6. Similarities in a triangle


  1. The length of the box
  2. The angle of the square
  3. Square area


  1. Height in a rectangle
  2. An angle in a rectangle
  3. The area in the rectangle


  1. The length in a parallelogram
  2. The angle in a parallelogram
  3. Area in a parallelogram

The angle is in the plane

  1. Calculate an angle in parallel lines


  1. Area in a trapezoid
  2. Height in a trapezoid
  3. Trapezoidal angle


  1. Length in a polygon
  2. The angle in a polygon
  3. Area in a polygon

General skills

  1. Counting shapes (cube, square, triangle, rectangle, etc. etc.)
  2. Any shape that completes the second line according to the relationship in the first line
  3. Any figure that completes the third line according to the relationship in the first and second lines
  4. Find the different shape
  5. The relationship between numbers and letters
  6. The relationship between shape and number
  7. Find the desired in the letter table
  8. Collect shapes
  9. What shape comes in the series of shapes
  10. Equal Forms (in Libra)
  11. Equivalence of shapes (table)
  12. In the 3 x 3 matrix, a question mark should appear instead
  13. Find the missing part of the 4X4 matrix
  14. Complete the 3X3 Shapes Matrix
  15. Complete the matrix of 3X3 numbers
  16. An open cube
  17. The following figure
  18. Complete the figure, and find the base
  19. Find the base between numbers (generate numbers)
  20. Complete the square (complete)
  21. Find the base between the numbers
  22. Numerical series pattern
  23. Pattern shapes
  24. Paper folding – cut
  25. System of formal equations
  26. Find the required in the letter table
  27. Rotate the shape
  28. Find the unknown in the 7 x 7 matrix
  29. Complete the three-dimensional shape
  30. Sudoku 5X5
  31. Find the base numbers in the figure
  32. Finding the rules related to numbers

Common Questions

How long is the results document for the YOS exam?

The results document is given a one-year period during which it will be valid.

How is the score divided in the Elios exam?

80% of the score in the Elios exam in mathematics.

  • What is the importance of the YOS test score?
  • If the student obtains (85%) in the Elios exam, he is entitled to compete for a human medicine seat, provided that his high school average is more than 80%. If he gets 60%, he can choose the literature and other colleges and so on, noting that the percentages may rise and fall according to the average grades of students taking the exam.
  • Is the Yös exam in Turkish?

The Yös exam is available in Turkish, English and Arabic.

Is a certain average for the high school diploma required to be allowed to take this exam?

No, a specific average is not required, and all students with a high school diploma can apply for this exam regardless of their GPA.

  • What documents are needed to enter the YÖS exam?
  1. A certified and translated copy of the high school diploma
  2. A copy of the passport
  3. A colored personal photo is not required to fulfill certain specifications