Tips for International Students in Turkey

Turkey offers a wide range of opportunities for international students and many facilities for international students to feel at ease and at home. Nevertheless, we know it may be overwhelming moving to a new country and starting a new journey.

Read these quick tips and solutions from us to you on things that can ease your university journey and make it more enjoyable!

Find the Right Health Insurance

As an international student in Turkey, you are ought to obtain a health insurance. This can be very tricky as students are often bombarded with a huge range of health insurance companies. Students often do not have the time to go through every and each health insurance terms and conditions and unfortunately end up with health insurances that do not cover them when they truly need it.

In order to avoid this and to help international students seek better health insurances that are right for them and their budget, we provide students who apply through us, a free service on arranging their health insurance for them.


Some Turkish universities provide their students with on-campus accommodation which is a great facility to be used by students as it provides them access to their classes through foot. However, for the international student not residing within on-campus dormitory, finding the right dormitory for your budget as well as your preferences and lifestyle can be challenging in a country you do not know.

We at MEDU provide our students with free of charge recommendations for students and help them find the right dormitory for them. All you have to do is book your consultation with us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to answer all your questions.

Become Familiar 

We would reccommend that you arrange your arrival a few days or even a week before your first day at university. It is very important to become familiar with the city you will call home for the next few years, and it may take a few days to get used to the transportation routes, important landmarks, and important facilities such as nearest supermarket, laundry etc.

Coming a week earlier will help you ease your way into the city and slowly get familiar with spaces and your route around the city and university.

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Hear stories of other students

Hearing from other international students in Turkey can be very helpful. You can check out our YouTube Channel for videos of international and Turkish students alike sharing their experiences in various universities.

Get Familiar with Turkish Culture

It can be really useful to get to know and discover Turkish culture before you come to Turkey. You can easily do that through watching documentaries about Turkey, reading about it, discovering its history and emerging industries.

Don’t Stress, Embrace the Journey! 

Starting university is an exciting and a milestone step for all of us, however, do not let the stress and the worry overshadow the joy and excitement of this period.

Istanbul Turkey birds flying study in Turkey

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Celebrate your achievements and welcome the new adventure!

If you’d like to see Turkish universities and ask us about them, click on the button for your free consultation and we are ready to answer all your questions!

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