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Cartoon and animation discipline, both commercially and artistically, has become a popular field consumed by large masses, regardless of age and gender, with the development of mobile platforms and internet technologies, especially in advertising, entertainment and education.
The cartoon and animation industry started to develop even faster with technology.
Animations made with 3D technology are used in the entertainment industry and in many sectors, from medicine to defense, from advertising to computer games. The need for trained human resources in the cartoon and animation industry is increasing day by day (İletişim Fakültesi – Çizgi Film ve Animasyon).

Advantages of studying animation

Those who study cartoons and animation can use computer and communication technologies well when they graduate. Graduates with theoretical and applied knowledge in design, animation, digital art, communication management, and communication technologies also gain the ability to follow developments and current events in these fields.

Wide working area

The number of animation studios, which produce in many fields from cinema to digital platforms, from advertising to the game industry, is increasing daily. Accordingly, the need for trained human resources is also growing.

People who graduated in cartoon and animation get the chance to work as a 

Cartoon and Animation Major Working Areas
graphic designer
advertising designer
freelance designer 
character designer
visual effects specialist or designer
designer or visual effects specialist
cartoonist, concept artist
forensic animator
3D animator
educator in cartoon and animation studios
illustrator in various advertising agencies or television companies
(Geleceğin mesleği: Çizgi film ve animasyon, 2020)

 What are the top industries for animators?

The top five industries with the highest employment levels for animators are

  • Motion picture and video
  • Computer systems design and related services
  • Software publishers
  • Advertising, public relations
  • Other information services

Advanced Education Opportunities in the Department of Cartoon and Animation in Turkey

Regardless of which one of the 22 universities offers education in this program in Turkey, you will experience high-quality education with experts in the field and a modern campus life equipped with the latest technological items (10 reasons to Study in Turkey). Most of the private universities in Turkey provide state-of-the-art computer laboratories, television studios, and filming, production, and editing workshops. Thus you have a chance to reach a suitable environment for advanced education in cartoons and animation. 

Studying Cartoon and Animation in Turkey

Cartoon and Animation in Turkey aim to provide qualified human resources to the sector and achieve success locally and globally by creating creative and innovative projects and teams. Students will meet in the main courses in the first year. In the program’s second year, they will have taken their first steps towards specialization by choosing one of the animation film or visual effects verticals in line with their abilities. The students who will cross paths again in the project courses will turn into film crews and produce together under the supervision of our teaching staff. Domestic and international internships to be carried out through the university’s cooperation system with the sector will reinforce the students’ experience and update their knowledge (İletişim Fakültesi – Çizgi Film ve Animasyon ).

Turkey’s most famous animation studios:

  • Anima İstanbul, 
  • Grafi2000, 
  • Cordoba
  • Koff Animasyon
  • Fauna Entertainment
  • LighthouseVFX
  • (Turkey’s Blooming Animation Industry: How Big Can It Get? 2016)

Is the process of applying to a university in Turkey complicated?

The application process is relatively easy. You can complete it with only three steps.

Get your Magic link

at the program page in MEDU Portal, enter your email so you can get login link.


Feel the personal information and your education background


Upload your documents such as diploma and transcript. Done!

Note: If you can not upload your documents or allocate the program, drop an e-mail with your documents to or a Whatsapp to +905318664662, and MEDU team will carry this forward for you.

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Animated movies, which are one of the trends of recent times, attract the attention of investors as well as the audience. The animation industry, which has become widespread worldwide, is now getting ready to take its place among the sectors where most investments are made in our country.


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