International Student Accommodation in Turkey

As an international student you have the option to stay on-campus (if on-campus accommodation is provided by your university), private student dormitories, or living in an apartment. It is important to note different factors and what is important to you when deciding on the type of accommodation to go for. We have divided the factors into Location, living situation, support system, bills, and social life to help you understand the similarities and differences.

Here are our quick tips and comparison factors for you when considering different student accommodation types.

On-campus accommodation

Most universities in Turkey offer on-campus accommodation where the dormitory building is within the university’s boundary. The dormitory is usually split for boys and girls, and includes many housing options to satisfy the various budgets of students (sharing or independent rooms).


As an international student it is crucial where you decide to stay. Location is key, If your university offers an on-campus accommodation, you will benefit from being near your classes, walking to class and no hassle of public transportation.

The accommodation usually has facilities around it within campus where you can buy your necessities and needs.


Most universities offer students a variety of on-campus stays where they can share the room with 1-3 roommates or live in a single room on their own, this allows students of different cultures to interact and help each other when needed.

Whether you can say who you want to share your room with, this depends on the university’s rules and regulations.

If you like having a roommate and a chance to interact with students outside your faculty, this can be a great option for you.

Support System

Living on-campus within the university boundaries can give international students the advantage of having a support system that they may need whilst abroad.


The bills are usually paid within the dormitory fees, thus, students do not have to worry about paying water or electricity bills.

Social life

On-campus dormitories are usually always busy and buzzing with life, if you like quiet and sound environments, these may not be the appropriate option for you. However, on-campus accommodations are rich with student social life and making long lasting friendships.

Private Dormitories 

If your university does not provide on-campus accommodation or you would prefer living off-campus, then you can go for private student dormitories. These dormitories are usually separated between boys and girls, often provide meal plans for students, and a curfew.


There usually private dormitories that are near the universities, therefore, you will still be near your university and classes (you may need to use public transportation).

It is also important to check closest facilities to the dormitory such as supermarkets, shopping malls, laundry services, bus and train stops, so that you will be able to comfortably move around and obtain your needs without hassle. It is also important when it comes to private dormitories, if you feel safe and comfortable within the neighborhood of the private dormitory that you choose.

You can ask us questions, and we will be more than happy to guide you through choosing your accommodation.


Similar to the university dormitory, the private dormitories offer a variety of room types for different preferences and budgets.

Support System

Living within the private dormitory,  you will have the support system that you need to help you whenever in need and to provide a sense of belonging and security whilst studying abroad.


The water and electricity bills are usually paid within the fixed rate of accommodation fees, thus, you do not need to worry about paying the bills every month.

Social life

Living off-campus and in a private dormitory will definitely expose you to other international and national students outside your university. This can be a great way to blend into the culture and to meet more students and people.


This is also a popular option among international students who wish to reside outside university campus. The students get to handle responsibility and gain experience.


Since this is an independent option, you will need to make sure that the apartment is close to your university and the facilities you need. You also need to make sure that the location is fit for your social life pattern and your preferences (lively neighborhood vs quiet neighborhood). It is also important to check and ask locals about the neighborhood and its safety.


You can choose to either live alone or sharing with other students. You have the option to choose the size of the apartment based on your budget and preferences.

This can be a great way to meet other international or national students who want to also take responsibility of living independently.

Support System

This option offers the least support system as you will not have a dorm manager or supervisor to ask or go to whenever you like, however, most neighbors and landlords are more than happy to help students and guide them when in need.


Unlike the previous options, these have to be paid by you on monthly basis.

Social life

This option can offer a greater freedom to students as they do not have to follow the private dormitory rules.

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Final Words

Before deciding on the accommodation type you would like to take on, it is helpful to note down what are the most important factors for you and your budget. This way, you will be able to easily assess what is the suitable student accommodation for you.

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