Study Automotive Engineering in Turkey? What are the benefits?

Automotive Engineering

Vehicle manufacturing challenges are endless in safety, Design, mechanical, electronic, control systems, and production. It is almost mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and safety engineering at the same time. Automotive engineers are dynamic, fixable, visionary, and thinking out of the box, and Automotive engineering involves the direct application of mathematical models and formulas. The automotive industry is one of the leading sectors in many countries like Germany, Japan, the USA, France, and many others are also one of the most growing sectors in Turkey and many other countries.

Automotive engineering is about providing us with a safer, high-speed, more comfortable, sustainable, and technology integrated vehicle. It also includes modification of vehicles, creation and assembling the whole parts of automobiles. Automotive Engineering makes extensive changes in our life.

What will your study be? And how many years? 

Besides the general courses for engineering (like math and physics), the courses in general (not limited to as each university decides on the courses required for graduations) the students of Automotive Engineering will explore Engineering Graphics, Engineering Mechanics, Materials Science, Thermal Sciences, FluidMechanics, Electric, Electronics, Manufacturing Processes, Modeling, of Dynamic System, Engines consumptions, Vehicle Dynamics, Mechatronics, Numerical Methods, Interior Design, Drive Systems, Aerodynamics, Thermodynamics, and many other courses and subjects as well.

The Bachelor’s degree in Automotive Engineering needs to attend a full-time university for four years. In case you are learning in a different language than your mother language, you may need one year in preparation for the language. 

What Does an Automotive Engineering Graduate Do?

Graduated students from Automotive Engineering Dept can work in car manufacturing companies and tire manufacturers, specialist vehicle design companies, research/test laboratories, and motorsport teams. Oil and fuel companies, suppliers, governments, safety, Self-employment via consultancy, teaching, and education. As an indicator, While the US’s unemployment rate overall is 6.1%, for Automotive engineers, the number is around 3%. Besides, forecasts job growth of 5% in the next ten years, in recent years, Automotive Engineers have the highest job vacancies and job growth rate in some states of the USA.

In general, after graduation, you will have lots of different opportunities.

Top 5 reasons to study Automotive Engineering :

  • High opportunities as rapidly changing sector.
  • Exciting, as virtual, augmented reality and artificial intelligence starts to be integrated with the automotive industry.
  • Low rate of unemployment and a high rate of growth in the next ten years.
  • The work environment is mainly Young, smart minds.
  • Affordable tuition fees and living cost in Turkey.

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