Benefits of Studying in Turkey

Looking for a university and a profession to study can be daunting at first, however, university for many people is a first step to independence and a their first step into the “real” world outside of the protected school borders. Choosing a university and a country can be scary, however, as from many international students’ experience, Turkish universities and Turkey offer many opportunities and advantages for their students that it becomes a hard offer to let down.

If you’re going to university soon and considering Turkey as an option for university, this article is for you!

1. Quality Education

Turkish universities offer a high quality education competing with universities all around the globe. The universities offer great and competitive facilities for their students to enjoy and utilize to develop their skills and knowledge. The universities also possess a great mixture of Turkish and international professors and instructors, exposing the students to a wide range of experience and view points.

According to Times Higher Education, Turkey has universities ranking in the top 400 and 800 universities in the world.

2. Cost of Living

Turkey offers international students a great quality of life versus a low cost of living as a student. Turkey offers students discounts on transportation fees, museum entries, cinemas, and many other activities to facilitate the lives of students.

3. Strategic Location

Being famous for the country where east meets west, Turkey has a strategic location where one can travel easily to any destination they wish, and has the ability to explore job and internship opportunities easily. This way, after you graduate from university, it is easier to explore options within the east and west equally.

4. Rich Culture and History

If you like learning about different cultures or a history geek, this country is for you! Turkey has many museums and historical sights to see as well as multiple cultural events happening all year round with reasonable prices as well catering for all tastes, from classical orchestras, jazz festivals, to Mevlana festivals

5. Multi-Cultural Environment 

As an international student studying in Turkey, you will not feel left out as there are many international students just like you studying in Turkey. This creates a fruitful and exciting mixture of cultures where one gets to learn about different cultures, thus, expanding one’s horizons and making friendships for life.

6. Erasmus Opportunities

As a student in a Turkish university, after a year or two you are qualified for an Erasmus exchange opportunity as Turkey is a partner. This allows you to travel and study in a European country for a semester or two along with other Erasmus students coming from Turkey, and other Erasmus partner countries. This opportunity opens up the door for students to experience multiple universities, campuses, and countries within just one university education.

7. Study in English

There may be a common misconception that you would have to study in the Turkish language, however, many Turkish universities offer education in English and present an English medium environment to international students.

8. Be part of a Bigger Community

Being an international student in Turkey, offers many opportunities and challenges, however, one of the most rewarding and refreshing things are the extremely active student clubs that cater to all tastes, from diving clubs, to international students, to vegan clubs, or charity clubs. This allows students to meet and bond with students of different cultures and nationalities yet have common interests, thus, being part of a bigger community.

9. Learn a New Language

You will get to learn the Turkish language. Knowing an extra language is always an advantage and adds value to your skills and qualifications after graduating from university and ready to start your career.

10. Touristic Destination

If you’re a student who likes to try new things, explore, and an adventure-junkie , Turkey is a great choice for you as it offers many different destinations and places to visit and it won’t break your budget as a student.

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