Study Business administration and management in Turkey for International Students

Business administration & management is one of the most common fields of study in the last 20 years worldwide. The study of Business administration at the undergraduate level is about introducing the student to the basics and different business and management methods used in business and teaches everything about running a successful business. 

The business administration and management study covers many business sectors in different fields such as marketing, finance, project management, human resources, business administration, electronic commerce business administration, management information systems business, international transport business management, etc. The undergraduate degree aims to provide the student with the scientific, academic skills specialized in business management and qualify students to know the commercial problems that the institution may face in performing its work and how to develop solutions. It also explains the institution’s business performance and how to improve, maintain it, or make businesses more efficient to achieve its goals continuously. The student will learn ways to increase revenue, analyze and interpret financial statements, capital markets, and economic data to inform business decisions, learn the structure and functions of financial markets and financial institutions, and identify and implement asset allocation and portfolio diversification strategies to improve investment outcomes.

 The business sector is vast, and the duties you will have while working for a corporation can vary from marketing, finance, human resource, operations, and many others. 

 Business administration and management is a challenging career and study. To be successful in business management or business administration, you should have interpersonal skills, analytical abilities, problem-solving skills, and teamwork.

What will your study be? And how many years?

The courses in general (not limited to as each university decides on the courses required for graduations) the students of Business administration will explore.

 Introduction to Economics, Communications Skills, Business Law, Principles of Accounting, Human Resources Management, Financial Management, Econometrics, Artificial Intelligence, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research, Operations Management, Marketing Analytics, Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, Business Process Analysis and Design, Decision Making Under Uncertainty, Management Information Systems, Business Analytics, Data Analysis and Research in Business, Statistical Modeling, and many other courses and subjects as well.

The Bachelor’s degree in business administration needs to attend a full-time university for four years. In case you are learning in a different language than your mother language, you may need one year in preparation for the language. 

What Does a Business Administration Graduate Do?

Graduated students from business administration Dept have the opportunities to work as Sales Manager, Business Consultant, Financial Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Human Resources (HR) Specialist, Loan Officer, Meeting, Convention and Event Planner, Training and Development Specialist, Logistician, Real estate appraiser, Buyer or purchasing agent, Compensation and benefits analyst, Insurance underwriter, Banker, Government, and many other jobs.

As Business administration or business management could work in many fields, As an indicator, While the unemployment rate in the US overall is 6.1%, for Marketing Managers is 2.7%, Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, Public Relations, and Sales Managers is 3.1%, Human Resources Managers 2.7%, Financial Managers 2.4 % Personal Financial Advisors 1.6%, Business Operation Specialists 3.4% Compliance Officers 1.4% where the forecasts job growth varies between 4% and 40% in the next ten years, 

 the above indicators are in the USA; however, countries like Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, and other countries in the region might reflect completely different figures; I recommend the student to refer his queries related to job growth to his county officials.

Top 5 reasons to study Business Administration:

  • Turkey has a dynamic economy and heady cultural diversity.
  • Employment for Business Administration is expected to increase by 9 percent from 2016 to 2026, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
  • Career Flexibility, as you can be anything with a Business Administration degree. 
  • Start Your Own Business.
  • Affordable tuition fees and living cost in Turkey 

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