How to Study in Turkey

How to Study in Turkey?

Turkey has one of the largest international student population, with more than 185000 students, and at the same time one of the most tourist destinations in the world,
We thrill to help students worldwide start their study in Turkey, and we will provide all required information related to study, programs, visa, university requirements, cost, and all tools you need to start your dream journey.

Why study in Turkey

Why would students around the world choose turkey for undergraduate and graduate study? her are some of the reasons for that

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What are my chances of becoming an international student in Turkey?

The number of international students in Turkey is a rocket growing yearly. there are international students from 198 country around the world, Syrian (due to a large number of Syrian refugees in Turkey) 20% and Azerbaijan 11%, and the remaining are distributed as follows:

Increasing the number of international students is a priority for the Turkish government. In 2019 and 2020, had implemented changes in the quota for international students,
So, your chances of being one of the International students are more than you imagine, and we will be there to help you.

Cities in Turkey

Turkey is a vast country made up of 81 states. If you are an international student who wants to come to Turkey to study, we will help you choose the city, and we will be next to you in your dream adventure. Turkey is 85 million people and has a magnificent diversity in lifestyle across the country. The international student had the chance to experience modern life in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and other big cities and have the chance to experience the Anatolian natural beauty of the fantastic black sea adventures.
Most of the International Students in turkey chose big cities, as 30% of them are studying in Istanbul,7% in Ankara, and the remaining are distributed in other states across the country, as below chart.

Collogues and Universities in turkey

Universities and colleges in Turkey accept and enroll international students, there are around 207 University where 72 are private, and the remaining are state universities. The international students in Turkey are distributed between both. However, the state university has more international students than the private university for many reasons, which will explore in this blog.

What do you want to study in turkey?

Turkey’s higher education system data could be complicated for students unfamiliar with the college and university system. Our education portal provides you with the updated information about universities, programs, requirements, and many other data so that you can pick your program successfully whether you are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree, no matter the field of study

Do you want to be an architect? What about being a doctor? A business degree?

We created this site full of resources to successfully start your educational dreams, regardless of whether you are confident or not yet decided about your future study and career.

The Educational Portal by subject/program provides you with an understanding of what it’s like to hunt for a degree? What are the top Universities in that program area? What is the cost of that subject, which cities I can select, and other information like career, program content, ranking, reviews, webinars, and many other tools available on the program and university page?

To start: Select the field of study you are interested in from the Disciplines panel in the education portal, and explore a more specific subject in your interest as well, or write down your subject in the search, as simple as that you will find many of universities which provide your dream study.

Our site is in the enrichment process where we are adding new programs and new universities, each weak, so please come back regularly to see the newest.

Which university should I choose?

Turkey has a big selection of universities of different costs and specialties. And you will find both Private and State universities.

State universities are mainly:

Istanbul Old university


Most of them are old universities

Turkish Language


Education Language is mostly in Turkish , however there are universities which have English as well

Cheap Fees


University fees are very cheap, for some programs it is less than a 100 USD

Hard admission


The admission process in most of the universities is based on entrance exam YOS, where few of them do accept the admission without entrance exam

Private universities are:

Istanbul Modern university


New universities, the oldest is established in 1985

English Language


Education Language is mostly in English, however, there are universities that have Turkish as well



University fees are in the range of 2000 $ up to 28000 $ as yearly fees

Easy admission


The admission process is simple and in most universities, you get acceptance within a week

Number of international students (the year 2019/ 2020) as per the Higher Education Council in Turkey in private universities as follows:

Visit the program page, find out the list of our best universities in Turkey and most recognized universities, and describe each to help you start the process.

Do I need an intention or recommendation letter?

Well, for some universities like Bilkent University, you need the recommendation letter and or the intention letter, for most of the universities, you will not need the intention letter, for the exact requirement of each program in a specific university, you may get the full details from the admission requirements button in the program page.

How to apply

International students often overestimate the amount of time required to apply for admission to a university in Turkey. Unlike the USA, Canada, Australia, or UK process, you can get it done in a simple way and a short time. You do not need to plan it a long time before you plan to begin your studies.

Here are some tips for applying to Turkish universities.

  • Apply early to get an opportunity to get a scholarship
  • Apply to the university you are interested in through a trusted Agent to get the advantage of free services provided
  • Learn some Turkish language before you come to turkey it will help you in your first days in the country. However, don’t worry that much about it as we will be there to help you.

For the State University, you have to follow the updates about the date of opening admission and the YOS entrance exam dates. Follow our social media account where we do some of the updates, we are getting from the state universities on those dates.

For the private universities, Especially for Universities with competitive admissions like Bilkent, Sabanci, Bahcesehir, and other universities as well, it is recommended to start the admission early in February. The application process takes a short time and effort. You will need to prepare the following document in the English language:

  • Passport copy
  • Photograph
  • Grade 11,12 and the first term of 12 (if not yet graduated from high school)
  • High school certificate (if graduated, else it will be provided before joining)
  • International exam like SAT, IB (if available)
  • Your email address and resident country address
  • Recommendation letter and or intention letter (this is limited for some universities, not all)

You will enjoy the process of the application using MEDU Education Portal. We make it simple and easy for you (watch the tutorial video), and track your application as well to check on the status of your application with the subject university, do not hesitate in contacting the academic advisor in MEDU for any further queries and questions.

Application Timeline

The application timeline is listed on the university page in the educational portal; however, most of the private universities open application starting Feb and close the admission in August or whenever their international student is full (whichever comes earlier)

We will provide you with detailed information about the quote and the deadline at the time of application.

Standardized Tests

Most Turkish universities accept the international standardized admissions tests like SAT, ACT, GRE, IB, TOEFL, where you can get the exact requirement from the page of the admission requirements in each program.

How long it takes to get an acceptance letter.

For the state universities, it is different from one to another university where in some universities there will be patches of acceptance announcements which might take a month to 3 months.
For Private Universities, once the full details and application requirements are fulfilled, it will not take a long time to send the conditional acceptance letter to your email. It takes from week time to month (depending on the university) to have your acceptance letter.

How to study in Turkey for free

Well, it is the most question we receive all the time, yes you can enjoy a % scholarship in Turkey and some partial scholarship as well, learn more about the scholarship.

Preparation to come to Turkey

  • In case you applied through our portal ( if not, make sure that you are doing the same somehow ) and Once you get accepted in the university, our logistic team will help you in the following:-
  • Ensure that all your document is prepared well and stamped from the concerned governmental institutes in your country so that we avoid any undesired requirements upon your arrival Provide you with accommodation options to choose from, University Dormitory will be part of the options, the logistic team will give the advise and help in the accommodation issues
  • General advice about requirements and things you need to bring along with you.

We might do not cover all issues related to study in turkey in this blog, however, let us know which your concerns are and we will make sure to write you back and have a blog about it


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