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When did engineering start in Turkey?

Engineering in Turkey started historically in the middle of the Ottoman Caliphate, as the “Mühendishane-i Bahri-i Hümayun” (Imperial School of Naval Engineering) to train naval engineers established 1773 by III. Mustafa based on the proposal handled by Gazi Hasan Pasa and Baron de Tott’s.

During the last 250 years, Turkish engineers and graduated international students carried the tradition and values of the golden era, with its deep-rooted history while also utilizing and developing advanced technologies and the ability to conduct scientific and practical research. They also contributed to science and technology at both national and international levels while keeping high environmental values, sociological principles, and ethical values.

History of Engineering in Turkey

The history of civil engineering in Turkey began in 1795 with the establishment of “Mühendishane-i Berri-i Humayun” (Imperial School of Military Engineering).
The transition to civil engineering education in the modern context started with establishing “Hendese-i Mülkiye Mektebi” (The Civilian School of Geometry, which became Istanbul Technical University in 1944). This move led to the construction of many roads and bridges in the country.
Furthermore, the Ottoman Empire’s engineers concentrated on agricultural practices, irrigation techniques, and the empire’s infrastructure like bridges and roads and shipbuilding. Since then, many schools had been established. Till the era of modern turkey, after the first world war, the new country continued to establish the current engineering schools.
In 1946, Istanbul Technical University was established and started teaching engineering like mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering courses. Nowadays, there are around 200 universities that offer engineering programs.
The Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (Türk Mühendis ve Mimar Odaları Birliği, TMMOB) was established in 1954. Nowadays, the union represents 24 chambers of Engineering departments with a total membership of 445,365 engineers around Turkey and the world.

The departments as below

#Name of the chamberName in TurkishFoundation year
1Agriculture engineersZiraat mühendisleri1954
3Chemical engineersKimya mühendisleri1954
4Civil engineersİnşaat mühendisleri1954
5Electrical engineersElektrik mühendisleri1954
6Forestry engineersOrman mühendisleri1954
7Mechanical engineersMakina mühendisleri1954
8Mining engineersMaden mühendisleri1954
9Naval architectures and marine engineersGemi mühendisleri1954
10Survey engineersHarita kadastro mühendisleri1954
11Marine engineersGemi makinaları mühendisleri1960
12Urban plannersŞehir plancıları1968
13Petroleum engineersPetrol mühendisleri1970
14Physics engineersFizik mühendileri1970
15Metallurgical engineersMetalurji mühendisleri1970
16Meteorology engineersMeteoroloji mühendisleri1970
17Geology engineersJeoloji mühendisleri1974
18Interior architectsİç mimarlar1976
19Geophysics engineersJeofizik mühendisleri1986
20Environmental engineersÇevre mühendisleri1992
21Textile engineersTekstil mühendisleri1992
22Landscape architectsPeyzaj mimarları1994
23Food engineersGıda mühendisleri1996
24Computer engineersBilgisayar mühendisleri2012


Engineering as career

A career in engineering is one of the promising careers worldwide, offering a vast range of rewards; no other career lets you use theory and practice, be creative and innovative, and add a tangible impact on the world and earn a good salary.
The unemployment rate is one of the best around the world. Here are examples of the unemployment rate around the world.

CountryEngineer Unemployment rateOverall unemployment rateAnnual salary
USA3.1%6%98000 USD
UK3%5.1%67000 USD

Engineering International Students in Turkey Facts.

International students in Turkey prefer Engineering to any other programs where 15% of them are studying Engineering. Around 28000 international students, as of the end of 2019, are enrolled in one of Turkey’s engineering programs.

What are the International Students study in Turkey?

35% of the Engineer students choose Istanbul to study engineering, and the remaining spread all over other provinces, they chose Istanbul for many reasons like

  • Istanbul has more numbers of universities in turkey comparing to other provinces.
  • The magic of Istanbul and living in Istanbul.
  • Most of the top universities are located in Istanbu

Which city is preferable for International Students

More the 90% of the engineer students in Istanbul chose the Foundation Universities more than state universities due to the following reosons

  1. Teaching language is in English
  2. No need to have entery exams like YOS
  3. Easy comunication and acceptance process
  4. More modern

Find below the list of universities that offer the engineering program which have the most number of international students:

Engineering in Turkey.

University Number of students


How to apply  to study Engineer in Turkey


It had never been easier to apply to Turkish universities, follow the below steps to apply easily to one or more universities in one click

  • Add you documents ( passport copy , photograph , transcripts and certificates ) to your profile in the login page
  • Go to the university in the above table and click on the chosen university.
  • Click on the apply button.
  • You can chose and compare programs from the educational portal.

If all of your document are genuien and you are within the admission requirments, you will get the conditional acceptance letter in one to two weeks .

Finally, we reminde you with MEDU  free services if you apply to the university through MEDU.

  1. Free acceptance letter for the student, “no charges.“
  2. MEDU will complete all university registration procedures.
  3. Meet student at the airport.
  4. Free Sim Card loaded with internet ( immediate connection )
  5. Help the student in the accommodation
  6. Help the student in finalizing the residency documents
  7. Help the student in approving the equivalent of his certificates
  8. One day ( City Simulation Life )   to ease students living in the city as local.
  9. We provide the student with membership in the MEDU club, which will be very useful for the student during his stay in Turkey and help him find a job when he graduates

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