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Health management or hospital management specialization is considered one of the modern specialties branching off from business administration. As is known to all, science and knowledge in our modern era are moving towards specialization and moving away from every day in knowledge. Therefore business management, for example, has become branched into multiple departments specialized in different fields, including, as we mentioned, health management, Financial management, and management of non-governmental institutions … etc.

Hospital management specialization is one of the most critical specialties that work on hospitals and health institutions’ success or failure by exploiting the available capabilities while facing the administration’s obstacles.

Hospital management specialization is based on employing management science principles in providing medical and health services, which is represented in ensuring the provision of distinguished health services at a reasonable cost to patients.

The specialty of hospital management is one of the internationally known specialties, especially in developed countries. The importance of hospital management specialization lies in the realization of many countries that the problems and issues of health institutions that have to do with effectiveness, efficiency, and justice depend on the specialty of hospital management and can be dealt with and resolved by focusing on this area and many countries have given a lot of attention to the specialty of hospital management to provide administrative staff Trained and qualified to deal with various issues and problems of the health sector.

 It is not easy to work in the field of hospital management specialization, so the person must have a degree of practical experience in addition to academic studies, with the presence of some other components as follows:

1. Professionalism in the field of management

2. The ability to make a decision

3. Skill in organizing

4. Comprehensive knowledge of the medical field and its laws

What your study will be about? And how many years? 

In general, (not limited to as each university decides on the courses required for graduations) you’ll learn about Fundamental of Economy, Information technology, Anatomy, Phycology, Accounting, Business Math in Health Care, Medical terminology, Sociology for Health Sciences, Health planning, Health Policy, Epidemiology, Hospital Management and Organization, Employment, Social Security Law, Medical Technology, Health Services Management, Information System in Health Services, Human Resources Management, Public Health, Ethics in Health Care, Behavioral Sciences, Organizational Behavior, Knowledge of Illnesses, Statistics for Health Sciences, Scientific Research Methods, Occupational Health and Safety, Marketing in Healthcare Institutions.

In addition to the above, the future Health Institute Manager needs leadership qualities, management skills, excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills, strategical thinking, and decision-maker.

If you’re interested in pursuing a leadership role within the healthcare industry, healthcare management recommended a master’s degree in Health Management. 

The Bachelor’s degree in Health Management needs to attend a full-time university for four years. In case you are learning in a different language than your mother language, you may need one year in preparation for the language. 

What Does Health Care Management Graduate Do?

Healthcare-related functions changed a lot in the last 20 years due to disease structure changes, new high-tech, and a rapidly aging population with decreasing birthrates. Recently, many new jobs had been introduced in the Health Management sector, and the field of work for graduates of this specialization varies from managing health centers to managing hospitals and even large medical complexes as follows:

  • Healthcare Department Manager
  • Quality and Improvement Manager
  • Patient Care Manager
  • Healthcare Finance Manager
  • Medical Office Manager
  • Healthcare Program Manager
  • Medical Records Manager
  • Health and Social Services Manager
  • Rehabilitation Center Manager
  • Healthcare Consultant
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Program Director

• Health care Management student is one of the luckiest graduates as the unemployment rate is around 1.5%. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment in healthcare management is projected to grow 32% from 2019 to 2029, which is much faster than the average known for all professions because of the enormous boom that occurred in the population numbers around the world made there a great need for this specialization, which created an increase in The demand for health care services.

• It is expected that the employment rate in health practitioners’ offices will grow, especially with the increase in the demand for administrators practicing medical groups. They become larger and more complex, significantly, as medical technologies improve.

• An increased demand is expected for managers with knowledge of health information technology and informatics systems, in particular, to organize, manage, and integrate records into healthcare areas.

• The opportunity for promotion and employment increases for those with a master’s degree in health administration or a related field.

• Workers in administrative medical services are promoted by moving to jobs with higher salaries and greater responsibilities; for example, some health information managers may be promoted to become responsible for the origin or its entire affiliate, and the distinguished may advance to higher executive positions within the organization, and this usually requires to Get a master’s degree.

Top 5 reasons to study Health Management in Turkey:

  • High demand in the market with a high growth rate.
  • Turkey has a large number of private and state universities that teach Health care Management.
  • Rapidly developed Health care system and expanding profession.
  • Learn a Diverse Range of Skills
  • Affordable tuition fees and living cost in Turkey 


Article by:

Mahmoud Elayyan
Administrative Director
Palestine Red Crescent Society – Jerusalem
Alsouaneh, Jerusalem, Palestine

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