Studying Media in Turkey

Media and Communication Department  

Media are known as the fourth pillar, a vibrant and free media are one of the must condition for a healthy democracy, Media developed in the last 100 years from the printed media, television as a picture speaks a thousand words hence the early moving pictures inside each home spark a revaluation in politics, social and business as well and cascade the impact on all life aspects, later the internet was another game-changer where the interaction of people add another layer on the revaluation especially in the social media, recently the Arab Spring is a living example of social media impact and drive a core change.

As we are facing an extraordinary challenge and need to make extensive changes in our life, media has a distinguished role to play in this, and hence, we need to be educated and Media graduated manpower more than ever to perform their assigned roles professionally.

What your study will be about? And how many years? 

With the diversity of subjects in Media and Communications, the courses in general (not limited to as each university decides on the courses required for graduations) will explore Public Speaking, public writing, Communication and Society, Interpersonal Communication, Business Writing, and Social Media Communication, Logical and Rhetorical Analysis, Argumentation and Debate, Group Communication, Radio Production, Television Production, Media Writing, Contemporary Public Relations, Advertising, Communication Competencies, Social Media Communication, Political Communication, Organizational Communication, Legal Communication, Nonverbal Communication, Communication Ethics, Multi-Media Presentations, Political Advertising, Graphics, Mass Media Management, Broadcast Programming, Social Media Production, Persuasion and Propaganda, PR Agency, Public Relations Campaigns and Competitions, Communication Strategies, Social Media Campaigns, and many other courses and subjects as well.

The Bachelor degree in Media and communications need to attend a full-time university for four years, in case you are learning in a different language than your mother language, you may need one year in preparation for the language.

What Does a Media and Communication Graduate Do?

he Media and Communication Dept have the opportunities to work in film, television, radio, other types of journalism. publishing, local government, marketing, public relations, theatre, and teaching and education.

As an indicator, in UK Media and Communication Workers can consider themselves quite lucky, as only 5.7% are currently unemployed.

Top 5 reasons to study Media and Communications:

  • Combine a broad understanding of communications with in-depth knowledge of film, television and digital communications, a winning combination for a career in media
  • Media is an important player in the future
  • Low rate of unemployment
  • Develop strong communication skills in small classes within an International environment, alongside students from all over the world
  • Affordable tuition fees and living cost in Turkey

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