Why studying architecture in Turkey is one of the best choices?

Architecture is the evidence on history as history talks architects, Architect cross the history mix the passion, social arts, science and imagination in harmony with a vision of future and a since of history.  They are not only designing buildings and structures, in fact, in a more general view, architecture includes the design of the entire environment that is built. Landscape design of cities, buildings, green spaces, pollution management such as dust and light and sound pollution, and beautification of cities is one of the duties of city architect designers.

In developing or developed countries, the need for architectural designers is very much felt.

The knowledge of designing structures under the environment is called architecture.

Turkey has been famous for its beautiful and wonderful architecture as Turkısh archtıcts ıs been derıved from dıfferent cultures sınce ıt hosted great Empires in the last 3000 year like  Hellenistic Anatolia , Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Othman empires. This rich history impact and lead the feild of architecture in Turkey , In addition to the high standards, modern and well-equipped universities with very affordable conditions, Turkey become one of the best destination to study Architecture in the world.

Study conditions in architecture in Turkey

Architecture is one of the sub-disciplines of engineering that is in most technical and engineering colleges in the world, especially in Turkey. The first step to studying architecture in Turkey is to know the language (either English or Turkish). Many universities teach students in Turkish and English and you can have a successful academic future by knowing one of these two languages.

To study in any field, especially in the field of architecture, it is necessary to have at least a moderate amount of information about the desired field. Of course, having experience and related certifications are also considered advantages. Architects and designers should be familiar with software   as well as basic computer programs such as the Microsoft Office suite.

Architecture in Turkey

About 15 universities specialize in teaching architecture in Turkey; That number is huge and great. This means that in almost all Turkish cities there is a university where architecture is taught. You can study architecture in Turkey either in English or Turkish, but it is not bad to know that studying in Turkish language-based colleges will be much more convenient (in terms of cost). If you choose Turkish to study, you will have more options in universities. Few universities teach architecture in English and have relatively higher tuition fees than Turkish language. These universities are mostly private. It is very important for a person who intends to study in this field to have high artistic skills and creativity and to have done good studies in the field of architecture.

Master of Architecture in Turkey

The master’s degree course in architecture in Turkey lasts about two years and includes 120 courses. Also, the student must submit a dissertation at the end of the course. Almost all postgraduate semesters in Turkey are held in two courses:

  • From October to January and from February to JulyThere are also two weeks of college vacation. The school holidays for all periods are usually in the summer and between July and October.
  • Most postgraduate courses in Turkey start in October. However, there are other options for part-time courses that will vary from one university to another.

The cost of studying architecture in Turkey for a master’s degree will vary depending on the type of university. Naturally, the tuition for English language courses is higher than Turkish language courses. Also, the tuition of private universities is much higher than the tuition of public universities. The cost of studying for a master’s degree in architecture in Turkey in English is about two thousand dollars. Tuition for Turkish-based universities will be around 100 to 200 euros less.

Ph.D. in Turkish Architecture

Because Turkey is trying to join the European Union, the doctoral education system in Turkey is very similar to European universities. For the Ph.D. in Architecture, it follows the Bologna Process, which is quite similar to European countries. The full-time doctoral program will last approximately 4 years, and you will eventually graduate with a Ph.D. in Architecture in Turkey with a dissertation approved by the University Faculty Committee. In general, Turkey is an affordable country to study for a doctorate. Applicants can study at a reasonable cost in the universities of this country.

The cost of studying for a doctorate in architecture in Turkey in English at a public university for international students is 500 to 800 Euros per semester. The cost for courses offered in Turkish will be lower, as mentioned earlier. Most Turkish universities offer doctoral scholarships in various percentages to help pay for their studies.

The architectural labor market in Turkey

Architecture graduates in Turkey face a very potential job market. This can be an incentive to get high grades in the course of study. Architects in Turkey, in addition to designing buildings, can design decorative structures such as fountains, accessories, and accessories that can be used in construction. Also, those who have chosen the field of interior architecture during their studies can be very successful in designing interior decorations. Fortunately, Turkey is very advanced in the field of outdoor and indoor architecture and embraces the creativity and innovation of young architects with open arms.

Important Note: Architecture is one of the most lucrative disciplines in Turkey and can bring high profitability to graduates with the same bachelor’s degree.

Architectural income in Turkey

Fortunately, architects have a high position in Turkey, so the salary and average income in Turkey is a significant amount for an architect. The minimum salary of engineers and graduates of architecture in Turkey is about eighty thousand and 329 Liras and the maximum salary is equal to 141 thousand and 100 Liras per year; We can compare this salary with a doctor in Istanbul, which is the minimum salary of doctors in Istanbul is 170,000 Lira. Of course, your income will be much higher than the skills and resume you will acquire and may be more than the income of a surgeon.

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