Turkey Outdoor Sports

Turkey is actually a haven for adventure and thrill sports fans with its special nature. If a holiday means relaxing, making calm in a peaceful setting, seeking adventure and enjoying a great adrenaline, you must take a look at our list.


Imagine an airplane that makes you look like a bird in the clouds, making you three to four thousand meters higher as you land on a cliff. That’s paragliding. Fethiye-Ölüdeniz is the most famous center in our region. Other paragliding regions that are frequently considered in our country are the Çakırman region in Erzincan, Ali Dağı in Kayseri (only qualified pilots can fly here).


When you are interested in discovering the nature of the mystical and unique glory of the sea, we suggest that you swim on your trip. The blue waters of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, home to world-famous underwater spots, will open the doors to a paradise that will astound you. You have to get a certificate from an aquatic sports club or a diver fitness facility before you swim. Bodrum-Small Reef and Kargı Island, Kaş-Flying Fish and Canyon, Saros-Baby Rocks, Ayvalık-Tokmaklar, Kemer-Paris West Coast, Çanakkale-Çam Burnu and Gökçeada are some of the most popular diving spots.


If you can guess, one of the activities that has hit the excitement mark is rafting. Rafting, which is a pleasant and enjoyable activity when assisted by professional guides and has varying degrees of difficulty, can be performed in several streams in our region. You can provide a better and more comfortable time by listening closely to the short details given by the trainers before you depart. The most popular rafting routes in our region, rich in rivers and dams, are the Coruh River, Düzce-Melen Lake, Ardeşen-Fırtına Lake, Antalya-Köprüçay and Artvin-Barhal Drain. The best time for rafting is the months of March, April, May and June, based on the seasonal characteristics.


There is no question that surfing has become one of the most magnificent sports in our world, particularly in the last 10 years. Windsurfing, wave surfing are the most popular types of this sport. Among water sports, the surf center, which is selected by younger people in particular, is the popular Alaçatı area with its wave. There are several surfing schools in Alaçatı, where windsurfers and kiteboarding enthusiasts flock every season. Akyaka, the longest surfing season, has a coastline of 1.5 km, separated only by surfers.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of the forms of mountaineering and is regarded as a natural sport that can be performed in many parts of Turkey. You’ve got to be qualified in this field to be able to climb a mountain. Universities are organizations that have rock climbing clubs and individual climbing clubs. When you have completed the required training and equipment such as mask, safety board, express, dynamic rope, climbing shoes and ATC, you will start scaling rocks as well. If you don’t have enough climbing experience yet, you need to offer some details before climbing the school you’re attending. The most popular rock climbing routes are as follows: Kocaeli-Ballıkayalar, Eskişehir-Karakayalar, Olympos-Climbing Park, Antalya-Geyikbayırı, Bilecik-Pelitözü, Bafa Lake-Kapıkırı and Niğde Aladağlar National Park.


The highest amount of risk is from natural sports, canyoning is a sport that needs experience and high intensity. The joy of exploring the breathtaking canyons of nature is also vital to take the requisite precautions. Investigate the area, the seasonal conditions and the land you want to cross the canyon. As for the most popular canyon spots in our region, the Kastamonu-Valla Canyon, the Kocaeli-Ballıkayalar Canyon, the Kastamonu-Ersizlerdere Canyon, the Antalya-Köprülü Canyon, the Fethiye-Saklıkent and the Bilecik-Yenipazar Canyon are the most popular canyon passes.

Sea Canoe

Unfooted bays and beaches, wonders of nature that can’t be seen from the ground, ancient town remains, turquoise clear waters … If you’re interested in exploring nature, canoe tours are an experience for you. You can explore the countryside, lakes and rivers of our sea canoe nation, one of the favorite sports of recent years. The Gulf of Gökova, Kaş-Demre-Kekova, Gocek, Phaselis Bay, Geyikli-Çandarlı, Eğirdir Harbor, Dikili-Foça, arrivğneada, Seven Noses and Marmara Islands are among the most favoured routes.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is one of the least recognized and least favored by nature disciplines. And even though horse riding is one of the oldest practices in Anatolia. There are still none in the case of Turkey’s tourism facilities servicing the general equestrians. When you want to spend a fun and enjoyable time in nature, on horseback, you don’t have to be a professional rider; you just have to go along with arranging trips and listen to the enthusiasm of others. Cappadocia, Kastamonu-Daday, Kütahya Evliya Çelebi Road is the perfect road for horseback riding.

Jeep Safari

One of the most exciting and fun ways to discover nature is the jeep safari. The jeep safari, which can be done in all seasons and all weather conditions, is a really exciting spore, particularly for nature lovers who love adventure and exploration in challenging natural environments. Keep your mobile devices, such as phones and laptop computers, in a safe location because you’ll get a lot of water on your trip. It’s possible to make jeep safari in almost any part of Turkey. The most popular jeep safari routes are Kazdağları, Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, Marmaris, Datça, Kas, Alanya, Side, Sakarya.


This activity, which is a form of trekking, involves low levels of difficulty and sometimes day trips to nature. This sport, which can be practiced by anybody of all ages and does not require any kind of preparation, can be considered a kind of lifestyle. When you have found an suitable route and have simple supplies, such as walking shoes, backpacks, guidebooks, etc., otherwise you have the resources to walk. There are thousands of hiking routes in every part of our world, every season, and they are all home to great sights. Such routes include the most popular hiking trails in Cappadocia, Ölüdeniz Kayaköy, Göcek-Gökçeovacık, Gölcük-Bozdağ, Kocaeli-Hotakdere and шile-Ağva.

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