11 Famous Turkish drinks

In Turkey, there are a variety of different types of hot and cold drinks in local cafes and restaurants, some of which seem familiar, but in this country, special drinks are also prepared, join MEDU To get acquainted with 11 famous Turkish drinks.

1. Turkish Tea

Contrary to popular belief, coffee is not Turkey’s national drink. The most popular hot drink in Turkey is Turkish tea. Turkish tea is consumed daily in large quantities throughout the country. Caykur, a national tea company based in Rize on the northwestern coast of Turkey, produces thousands of tons of tea a month.

We recommend that if you see different types of tea such as “Apple tea” in the menu of cafes, do not be impressed by its color and glaze, because the locals themselves rarely drink this type of tea. Instead, black tea is served in tulip-shaped Lyvanhayy very beautiful and often with a lot of sugar is common and popular among the people. The local teahouses in many of Turkey’s neighborhoods (especially the old ones) have a very masculine environment. But if you, as a woman, want to try the taste of this pleasant tea in traditional Turkish cafes or be with your family, don’t worry! Cafe traditional gardens can be found in some parts of the city to enjoy the drink.

2. Turkish Coffee

Most likely, Turkish coffee will not be pleasant for all and this type of coffee has its fans. A Turkish proverb says, “Coffee should be black like hell, strong like death, and sweet like love,” and that’s exactly what the thick, black texture of genuine Turkish coffee served in small cups.

Many tourists and non-natives consider this coffee very strong and it is one of the drinks that you may not always want to drink.

Menengiç is a special coffee made from mulberry bushes, the seeds of which are amazingly similar to pistachio. These grains are quite different from the grains of natural coffees and, like other coffees, do not contain caffeine. Manganese is a local coffee that you probably won’t find easily outside of Turkey. So if you are a coffee lover, try this drink on your trip to Turkey.

Another type of Turkish coffee is called Dibek. The taste of this coffee is slightly different from other coffees due to the way the seeds are made and the way it is brewed, and it makes its concentration a little lower. If you like lighter and sweeter coffees, order this coffee in Turkey.

3. Raki

Rocky is a popular Turkish alcoholic beverage and is remarkably similar to the Greek version of Ouzo. Of course, this resemblance is not surprising, as both Turkey and Greece have historically had close ties, and their similarities can be seen in many areas.

On the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, locals prefer to drink Raki slowly while eating a hearty meal. This dish can be “kebabs” or “mezze”, but the best option with this drink is seafood or fish.

“Raki” is made from raisins and grapes. The famous “Yeni Raki” brand, which started its production in 1944, is the best-selling Turkish alcoholic product. After that, brands such as Tekirdag and Izmir are next in line.

If you decide to try Raki, drink it slowly because 40% of alcohol is too much! Our next piece of advice is to get Raki from a reputable center because the fake version of this drink is dangerous to your health.

4. Ayran

The best cold drink for children and adults is the traditional “Ayran”, which is very popular in the summer due to its freshness and unique taste. Packaged varieties of “Ayran”, made from yogurt, water, and salt, are sold all over Turkey. But if you visit a rural café, there will be a good chance to try the home-made “Ayran” with a lot of foam on your glass.

The history of “Ayran” dates back to the time of the Turk nomadic tribes and also in some cultures such as Iran and Arab countries. Usually, when foreign tourists ask for Ayran ingredients, they think about it and don’t know if it’s a good combination for a drink or not! But as soon as they eat it with foods like “kebab” or “Doner kebab”, they fall in love with it.

5. Şalgam

This drink may not be popular with foreign tourists, but many Turkish people use it when eating. The “turnip” or “lip juice” drink is made from turnip juice, purple carrots, salt and pepper, and spices. Then flavored with turnips and fermented with Bulgur. The taste of this drink is sometimes sour and relatively warm.

The turnip drink traditionally originates in the southeastern cities of Turkey, Adana, and Mersin. This very healthy drink contains a lot of vitamin C. Some Turks prefer to drink it with “Raki” because they believe that it dilutes the alcohol in “Raki”, while others prefer a few hours after drinking alcohol (to improve the side effects of alcohol consumption). And drunkenness) try it.

6. Salep

“Salep” is a hot and popular winter drink made from wild orchid powder. This drink is especially popular in the city of Istanbul, which is sold by street vendors in every corner of the city.

In the distant past, when there were no new and modern drinks, “Salep” was made from hot milk and orchid powder instead of hot chocolate. The sage flour used in this drink is also used as a main ingredient in the famous Kahramanmaraş ice cream.

7. Boza

“Boza” is a very tasty smoothie that is also known as the most popular local drink in Turkey. This delicious smoothie is welcomed by many people in winter. The ingredients of Boza are millet, water, sugar, and yeast, which ferment it and naturally make it a little alcoholic. After preparing “Boza”, cinnamon is sprinkled on this drink and drunk. Of course, some people serve “boza” with a spoon because of its concentration.

This local drink is very nutritious and is used as a great option for warming up and strengthening the body, especially on the cold days of the year. The taste of “boza” is a maybe taste and some may not like it, but in general, the Turkish people find “boza” very interesting.

8. Şıra

With the onset of spring and warmer weather, the “Boza” season ends and “Shira” comes on the market. “Shira” is made from slightly fermented grapes or apple juice and it has a reddish color. Due to the high fructose in this drink, it has a sweet taste. Of course, if the fermentation time of this drink is prolonged, it will have a relatively sour taste.

“Shira” is an ideal choice in the summer, and people usually recommend it when eating, especially meat dishes such as “Iskender Kebab“.

9. Tursu Suyu

If you go to Eminonu Beach in Istanbul and return to your hotel after having a nice fish in the surrounding restaurants, you should, unfortunately, you missed the pleasure to drink a wonderful juice. “Torshu Soy” is a salty and sour fruit juice made from pickled vegetables, beets, carrots, onions, peppers, and garlic.

After drinking the first glass of it, the special and unique taste will stay in your mouth for a long time. Torshu Soy is cheap and healthy, and we recommend that you try it.

10. Lemonade

Do you like the taste of lemonade? Most people may drink lemonade at home on hot days of the year to quench their thirst and enjoy the cool, sour taste. But Turkish “lemonade” is different from what most of us know.

To make this delicious drink, the locals first peel the lemons and then mix the extract with water and sugar and drink it after cooling. This process makes the lemonade taste sweet.

During your summer trip to Turkey, order a glass of lemonade for yourself and taste its wonderful taste.

11. Sherbet

“Sherbet” is one of the best cold, sweet and non-alcoholic drinks in the world, which is made from fruit or petals. There are different types of unique flavors of “Sherbet”, such as lemon, rose, pomegranate, raspberry and so on. “Sherbet” is a popular beverage in West Asia and is popular in countries such as Iran, Turkey, Arab countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh.

If you travel to Turkey in the summer, don’t miss the pleasure of drinking cool and refreshing Turkish “Sherbet”.

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